Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Plagiarism? And how Plagiarism Hunt can be of help?

    Plagiarism is considered an act of stealing someone else's work, without providing them the credit that they deserve. When it comes to academic, plagiarism is a serious offense and refers to the process of one student submitting another student's work, under their name. Over the years, submission of plagiarized content for academic and business purposes has increased, and thus a number of different plagiarism checkers have been launched.

    The main purpose of Plagiarism Hunt is to check plagiarism by scanning the file or data, with the content already published on the internet. Plagiarism Hunt allows Student, Teachers, and Business professionals to check their academic papers, dissertation, articles, and other web content to ensure its authenticity.

  • 2. What are Different Types of Plagiarism?

    In general, there are numerous different types of plagiarism. We have listed the most common types below.

    1. Direct Plagiarism – Such type of plagiarism is known as the word to word transcription that the individual either took from the internet or from a research paper wrote by someone else. It does not contain a citation or quotation marks, in order to provide credit to the person who wrote the content. In academics, such type of plagiarism is considered as completely unethical.

    2. Patch Writing – This type of plagiarism occurs when the user takes some sentences or phrases without using proper sources or quotation marks. The user tries to emulate the same sentence structure by changing the original words with their synonyms

    3. Accidental Plagiarism – This type of plagiarism is not intentional but is still consider seriously like any other type of plagiarism. It occurs when the writer forgets to cite the sources or provide due to credit to the original author, whose work has been used.

  • 3. How to Avoid Plagiarism using Plagiarism Hunt?

    Being a student, teacher or business professional you will certainly want to make sure that the content you have generated is 100% original and unique. However, it is better to sure that your content is completely free from any type of plagiarism, rather than simply relying on guesswork. By checking your files and content using Plagiarism Hunt, you can be sure that your content is completely authentic.

    Plagiarism Hunt checks your files using all of the plagiarism checkers available online and provides the results in terms of percentage of copied content. Once you know, which fragment of your content is plagiarized, you can make the necessary changes and submit the work completely unique. It is that simple to avoid Plagiarism using Plagiarism Hunt.

  • 4. Who can use Plagiarism Hunt?

    Plagiarism Hunt can be made use of by any student who is regularly required to submit their assignments and papers. They can delete or change the content that seems to be plagiarized and thus receive better grades on their assignments.

    It can also be used by teachers, who want to ensure that all of their student's assignment and papers are original and not copied from somewhere else. In addition to this, teachers can also make use of the platform to authentic their research paper.

    Plagiarism Hunt can be used by business professionals, who want to protect their business files and documents and ensure the protection of their confidential data.

  • 5. What kind of content is supported by Plagiarism Hunt?

    You can upload the file in a number of different formats using doc, docx, pdf, and txt files. You can also copy and paste the content directly into the special box, in order to check the content for originality.

  • 6. Can I unlock the reports for Free?

    Plagiarism Hunt will allow you to check for plagiarism absolutely free. However, in order to get access to a detailed report, you will have to pay a fee. If you want that your document should be checked with all available plagiarism checker online, then you will have to pay a fee, after which you can check and unlock the report from an online checker, as per your choosing.

    To know the fee for detailed reports, you can check the pricing section on the website for more details.

  • 7. How can I contact Plagiarism Hunt?

    You can get in touch with us, using the contact form available on the contact us page, or by using the email ID and other details available. We would like to hear any remarks or suggestions that you have for us.